What to Expect at your Sessions

The Newborn

Your precious angel has arrived after waiting many months,but then the next few weeks fly by. What happened? You may not have had a chance to capture those amazing moments, but you will always want to relive them: their tiny fingers and toes, sweet little mouth, sleepy yawns, and how they curl up so perfectly in your neck. As a mother I understand how priceless those little moments are.

Capture those precious moments with newborn portraits! They are the perfect way to relive those early memories forever.The best time to photograph newborns is within the first two weeks of their life. In this brief time they still resemble their positions in their mother’s womb, and are very easy to pose. Studio 1817 Photography is actually one of the region’s most popular studios for newborn fine photography!

Our newborn portrait sessions are held in a home- like environment where the parents can rest, relax, enjoy refreshments, and observe their baby’s big day. Newborn sessions are generally booked for four hours because we want to ensure there is enough time for all of the logistics that little ones entail. If you need to nurse, or just cuddle your baby, you will have time to do so.

Since their first two weeks fly by so fast, we encourage you to schedule a newborn session as early ahead of time as possible. This really IS the most precious time of their lives.

The Cake Smash

Their first birthday cake! It is usually all over their face and is one of the most precious moments of a new parent’s life. Let Studio 1817 provide a delicious slam cake custom made for your child at the local bakery “The Cake Shop” (www.zcakeshop.com) and then capture those moments while your child smashes and eats it. We will lead up to the big cake scene with candid shots of your child enjoying the big day that will be captured in a most memorable gallery. These shots can be used afterwards as an invitation to a party and/or thank you cards as well.


How fast time flies, and how quickly your children’s personalities evolve! Each new addition to your family changes the dynamics and your familial essence. Studio 1817 will preserve special moments in candid shots or formal sittings, as decided upon by you and Natalia.

We will provide an extensive gallery of your precious children to ensure that you have plenty of favorites to enjoy, now and forever. Use these pictures for holiday cards, or as gifts for family members. Schedule your appointment now, before they grow a minute older!

The Family

Your family has grown, and you want to capture every moment of every event in every family member’s life. While that may not be totally possible, you CAN capture certain moments in time. Studio 1817 can eternalize for you those special family events, birthdays, holidays, family reunions, or just time together, in a beautiful family portrait. The more realistic the setting, the better the memory. Let us take a moment of your life and create a one-of-a-kind work of art for you and your family to cherish.

Studio 1817 is very different than the traditional department store studios, and our clients appreciate different. We greatly enjoy providing a casual, relaxed, and FUN experience that will give you a warm feeling for years to come. We provide time to get to know you and your family, and ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed. We take traditional and informal shots so that you can select your favorites. Your children will have genuine smiles all the way to their eyes, and you will be happy knowing that they are enjoying themselves.


Are you a couple? Engaged? These are some of Studio 1817′s favorite sessions! Intimate, spontaneous, and loving, you will laugh, have fun, and create an amazing memory. We promise to capture your personalities, your love, and maybe even your quirks! As with traditional sessions we will take some formal shots, but will also take candid shots in your favorite, sentimental location. We will plan your session ahead of time and then you just arrive on your day and enjoy. Afterwards you will have a very special memento to remind you of your love, forever.

The Wedding

The ultimate love fest and a photographer’s dream assignment. We concentrate on creatively capturing all your unique wedding moments, while you enjoy your special day. You will have many candid, endearing shots as a result.

We also stage more traditional poses with the bride, groom, and wedding party “before, during, and after the wedding“ to create a gallery of incredible moments of your very special day. We can also work with you before or after the wedding day to take more relaxed and leisurely shots, to ensure you have all the scenes you desire.

You have been together for many years and are still very much in love! Let Studio 1817 capture your feelings for each other in a customized anniversary portrait, maybe even in a location special to just you two! Decide with Natalia on how you want to record your anniversary, and then enjoy the Studio 1817 experience, complete with refreshments customized to your taste!


Your style, your personality, your spirit is captured forever in a beautiful portrait by Studio 1817. Let us schedule a customized portrait session for you. We will work on your best features, your profile, along with the most flattering lighting and shading to capture your very best look, all uniquely you.