About the artist, Natalia Mehregani

Natalia_MI love what I do!

I am a photographer; I am a mother. My happiest moments in life result in photos, as I have this unquenchable urge inside of me to capture everything. I have always been amazed by my ability to take something intangible and make a cherished, permanent memory of it. That memory, that joy, preserved forever, to love and enjoy whenever I wish, brought me to my passion of photography.

My specialty is natural light photography. I use natural light whenever possible, as it creates a beauty and style not achieved in a traditional lighted studio. I use window light in my studio to highlight the planes of a face, the fragile skin of a baby, or the blush in a child’s cheeks. Natural light helps me to achieve dramatic silhouettes and enhance the subtle mystery in my subjects.

I adore creating art with color and light. Whether in full blown vibrant colors or shades of black and white, each individual portrait is a work of art customized to the subject. My client galleries are diverse collections of work personalized to their desires, and edited with my artistry. My favorite works involve outdoor scenes, spontaneous poses, dramatic light, stimulating perspectives, and color “ lots and lots of rich color“ bursting with energy!

I am best known for my portraits of the little ones: precious, sleepy newborns and alert, beatific babies. I treasure getting to know each and every baby and their individual characters. I love capturing their faces, their emerging personalities, their laughter, and their smiles.

The favorite part of my job is getting to know you and your family in your personal essence. While capturing your smiles, your moments and your memories, I also make new friends. And those are some of my best memories.

I continually improve my sceneries, experiment with new, interesting props, and always, always look for those special locations, the ones that make memories more than perfect! I strive to constantly improve in order to bring you the best I have.

It is funny where life takes us. I have always loved photography, but never thought it would ever be my career. Now I could not think of my life without it. It is in my soul.

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.” – Oscar Wilde